Monster Winter Sturgeon On The Fraser River

February 18th, 2020 | in Fishing Trips
Winter Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River

There is a lot of talk about not being able to catch sturgeon on the Fraser River in the winter.  We don’t know who is saying this, but it definitely is not true.  You can catch sturgeon in Vancouver all year round, and big ones!  

Does the Lower Fraser River Freeze in the Winter?

No. The Lower Fraser does not freeze in the winter, although there may be ice along the sides during a cold snap.

Vancouver’s climate is much more temperate than elsewhere in Canada. Average temperature in Vancouver in December & January is 4.8°C, in February is 5.9°C and March is 7.6°C (Vancouver Climate).  If you are actively winding in a fish, that is T-shirt weather!

Preparing for Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing In The Winter

  • Make sure you look up the weather forecast for Chilliwack – that’s likely the closest city to where you’ll be launching from for your sturgeon fishing trip. 
  • Dress in layers.  Morning is obviously colder than the rest of the day.  Bring rain gear if it’s going to rain.  Your guide will likely have a cabin & possibly even a portable heater, but when you are reeling in a monster sturgeon, you will be out in the elements
  • Bring something warm to drink if that’s your thing
  • Bring a good lunch and munchies to snack on.  Your guide may also offer lunch packages

Can You Catch Sturgeon in the Winter?

Yes, sturgeon fishing is great in the winter.  In fact, an earlier blog shows that the average sturgeon caught in the winter over the past 15 years is larger than any other season of the year (15,000+ fish caught by Yves Bisson Sturgeon Guide).  And the total number of sturgeon is just as good as any other season.  Your guide just has to know where to find them.

So if you want to come to Vancouver in the winter for Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River, contact a sturgeon exclusive fishing guide, such as Yves Bisson.  


Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. has been providing year-round sturgeon fishing charters on the Fraser River.  No guide has caught, tagged & released more sturgeon than Yves Bisson since the creation of the Sturgeon Society Conservation program began in 2000. 

When you book with Yves, you will be guided by Yves. more Info:
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