Conservation of Fraser River White Sturgeon


Conservation of the White Sturgeon is of the utmost importance to Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. That is why we are part of the ongoing efforts to facilitate fisheries research and establish best-practice catch and release techniques. On your trip you will be involved directly with the tagging program while you scan, tag, and measure each fish with us. White Sturgeon were overfished for way too long and as a result, their population was nearly wiped out in the early 1900s. In particular, sturgeon are sought after for their roe, which is used for caviar throughout the world.

Yves is currently a board member of the Fraser Valley Angling Guides Association who are working with the Provincial Government to study juvenile sturgeon in the Fraser Watershed. They work tirelessly in an effort to manage & help restore the White Sturgeon population in the Fraser River and all its tributaries. 

Sturgeon can reach over 12 feet long and exceed 1000 lbs reaching ages up to 150 years. These prehistoric fish don’t reproduce until they are 15 years of age for males & over 20 years for females. Females spawn only every 4 to 10 years. While Sturgeon don’t have any natural predators, the reproduction cycle is quite infrequent.

YvesAward.pngYves Bisson has taken a large role in the preservation of the Fraser River White Sturgeon. As a sturgeon fishing guide, he jumped at the opportunity to become part of the volunteer tagging program. Since this time, Yves has personally scanned (and tagged when appropriate) over 22,000 fish.

In 2016, Yves Bisson was given the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society’s Volunteer Of The Year Award, for his tagging commitment and other involvement within the society.

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