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Hi, I’m Yves, and I’d like to tell you what drives me to be the best Sturgeon guide I can possibly be. I’m always going to do everything in my power to give you the best overall experience I can give you when you come on a trip with me. Many guides strive for that, so how will a day on the water with me be different?

I want this trip to be about you and your group and not about me. I'll teach you how to set the hook (hint... you can't possibly set the hook too hard!!) and how to fight a fish the best way.  You will be involved and participate in our ongoing conservation efforts by scanning and measuring every fish we catch and gently release.  

From explaining the safety features on board to educating you on the intricacies of Sturgeon fishing, the science behind it, and the techniques that I’ll explain should all contribute to you walking away more knowledgeable and satisfied with your catch and release experience.

I’ve always been a fanatical fisherman since I can remember as a small boy. I was drawn to the water. My dad still tells the tale of looking at the lake near our home and seeing my diaper floating (butt up) at the shoreline. He rushed to the water to save his son who was no doubt looking for fish.

Needless to say, I am still here and I continue to search for fish almost every day of the year. Some may call that obsessive, I call it commitment!

Over the past two decades, I have focused on sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River and its tributaries. The Fraser River is not an easy river to navigate and to fish, and it’s an ever-changing river from season to season. The mighty Fraser is famous for constantly reinventing itself – due to spring thaw, silt washing downstream, or water level changes according to weather patterns throughout British Columbia. As a Sturgeon fishing guide since 2002, I know where to find sturgeon (big ones!) – and at the same time break away from the crowds in pristine waters while enjoying the best scenery and solitude.

I am a passionate advocate for the conservation and preservation of these majestic Sturgeon. That’s why for the past 20 plus years I have participated in the government-sanctioned tagging programs - which track and identify the health and population of these amazing fish.

I have has personally scanned/tagged over 24,000 sturgeon during this time – from a few pounds to over 800 pounds and over 11 feet long. I am fortunate to be part of something bigger than simply catching fish each day. I really hope to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Not Your Average Sturgeon Fishing Guides

Great anglers don’t always make great guides. Being a great guide involves respect for your guests, the environment and the fish. That’s the way I operate, and I’ll strive to make your experience is as good as it can be.  For my fishing charters, I only use the best equipment - to give you the best opportunity to land your fish of a lifetime. I'll pull from my extensive knowledge of over 28,000 hours on the river to give you the best odds for finding, hooking, landing and releasing these ‘prehistoric looking’ freshwater giants. My years of experience and attention to even the smallest of details are validated by a perfect 100% catch rate on day trips.

If you are looking for the best sturgeon fishing experience period - I am confident I can give you what you are looking for.


Yves Bisson

Professional Sturgeon Guide


When you book with Yves, you will be guided by Yves. more Info:
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