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Sturgeon conservation and fishing for monsters on the Fraser River

Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River
May 28th, 2024 | in Fishing Trips
It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver when I tried sturgeon fishing.  What a different experience!
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What makes the Fraser River the best place on the planet to allow the Great White Sturgeon to become the largest fresh water fish in the world?
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In total we caught 9 sturgeon. 8 sturgeon we caught were over 5 feet and 2 were over 8 feet! 
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My top 5 reasons why I feel there is no better Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing Guide than Yves Bisson.
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Sturgeon Conservation is extremely important to maintain this amazing prehistoric fish. Find out more about the Great White Sturgeon.
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When you book with Yves, you will be guided by Yves. more Info:
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