Sturgeon Conservation

Read about Sturgeon Conservation, in particular white sturgeon of the Fraser River.

The White Sturgeon population in the Fraser River is thriving. Catch & Release regulations over the past several decades have allowed the fish to breed relatively uninhibited and now monsters from 6-11 feet are not unheard of.

Yves Bisson has taken a large role in the preservation of the Fraser River White Sturgeon since he become part of the volunteer tagging program. He has personally scanned (and tagged when appropriate) over 19,000 fish.

Sturgeon Conservation is extremely important to maintain this amazing prehistoric fish. Find out more about the Great White Sturgeon.
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Conservation of the White Sturgeon
November 19th, 2020 | in Sturgeon Conservation
What is being done to conserve the White Sturgeon in the Fraser River? Find out a bit about the Fraser Sturgeon Conservation Society
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How to catch, handle and release Fraser River sturgeon to minimize the trauma and ensure this catch & release industry stays healthy for many years to come.
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Q&A  about the Fraser River Sturgeon and information collected by the Fraser River Conservation Society.
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Who is the Fraser River Sturgeon Society? How many White Sturgeon have been caught? How many Sturgeon has Yves tagged? Click the link - Find out.
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