Great White Sturgeon Growth Rates

Want to know the approximate age and weight of a white sturgeon by its length?  We have compiled literature summarizing the growth rate of the White Sturgeon with our own data from fish caught the past 20 years. 

White Sturgeon Length vs Age ChartWhite Sturgeon Length Vs Age Chart - Printable version

The Great White Sturgeon of the Fraser river can grow to as much as 1,000 lbs and 14ft long and can reach 100 years old or more.  Many of the questions that sturgeon guides get from clients while fishing is centered around the size and age of sturgeon they catch.

Since 2000, the White Sturgeon population has been studied more than any other non-domestic animal on the planet.  With nearly 100,000 sturgeon caught and released by dedicated guides as part of a comprehensive conservation plan, we now know a significant amount on habitat, migration, growth rates, age and more about this magnificent prehistoric fish. 

Over the past 20 years, Yves Bisson has caught and released over 20,000 White Sturgeon, supplying critical data for the White Sturgeon conservation effort. 

As with most of the animal kingdom, the growth rate of the White Sturgeon is not linear.  The majority of growth is in the earlier years.  For example, it is estimated that that a human has reached half his / her height by age 2 (Human Growth Estimator). That’s a lot more years to make up the other half.

But, unlike most of the animal kingdom, a White Sturgeon does not stop growing.  Growth rates in White Sturgeon slow as they age, but in most cases, they continue to grow in length (and weight).

For the purpose of this series of articles, we’ve grouped the sturgeon into 4 categories:

Use the links above to see the growth rates from each of these life phases.

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