Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co. Going Viral!

 The White Sturgeon of the Fraser River is the largest fresh water sport fish in the world.  The fact that these monsters are catchable, and in accessible waters make them a favourite amongst fishing enthusiasts.  Best way to let others know how cool sturgeon fishing is, is to go viral.  That’s what Yves Bisson has done, on several occasions.  You may not believe it, but Yves is now a legit TikTok influencer.  With 1M followers and 200M+ views on TikTok, Yves Bisson has had a few viral videos that have captured world-wide attention. Catching 500lb fish on a regular basis will peak the interest of even non-fishermen.


Some of the news outlets include:


Television (click links to view video)




Sometimes you get found by web bots that you aren’t expecting.

Who Is Yves Bisson? Age Wife & Twitter Explored Of The Fishing Guide


Sometimes you have no clue where people get their information.  Don’t believe everything your read!

Canadian man grabs 3-meter giant monster with bare hands, weighing 544 pounds!


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