Growth Rates for Monster Great White Sturgeon in the Fraser River

(+244cm in length)

Growth rates were measured from 31 sturgeon of at least 244cm (8ft). Each of these fish were caught at least one time prior so that a difference in length could be calculated. Time frame between the first and last measurement ranged from 4 to 14 years.

Results are shown in the table below.

Measured Parameter
1.4  Avg growth rate (cm/yr)
1.0 Standard Deviation (cm/yr)
3.4 Max growth rate (cm/yr)
-0.2 Min growth rate (cm/yr)
1.5 Median growth rate (cm/yr)
30 Number fish used in study
140 Number measurements
4.7 Avg # measurements per fish


This compares with an average growth rate of 4.4cm/yr between 100 and 200cm in length.

Of the 30 fish measured, 4 showed a growth rate of less than 0.5cm / yr.  It should be noted that it is difficult to accurately measure a fish of this size, and with a slow growth rate, the standard deviation is high in comparison with the actual measurement.

White Sturgeon Growth Rates

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