Why Catch and Release when Sturgeon Fishing in the Fraser River?

March 25th, 2019 | in Sturgeon Conservation


Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River is more popular than ever. The thrill of trying to pull in one of these massive fish is an enticing prospect for many sport fishers. However, conservation of the Fraser River sturgeon is more important now than ever, and care to ensure proper catch and release protocols must be taken.

Why Catch and Release?

The Fraser River white sturgeon population is at an all time low, with an estimated population of 43 000 according to the ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development. This means that now is a more critical time then ever to make sure that we preserve the Fraser River sturgeon population.

For the sturgeon population to recover, strict adherence to catch and release guidelines must be taken. At no times should a sturgeon ever be removed or poached. If you witness this behaviour, you should immediately contact the proper authorities and report it.

Safe Catch and Release

Even catch and release is known to cause harm to the white sturgeon. With this in mind, the Ministry of Forests, Lakes and Natural Resource Operations has also publish a guideline on “Angling Ethics” and outlines ethical guidelines that must be adhered to when sport fishing. This document can be accessed at:


If you plan to explore all that British Columbia has to offer and partake in sport fishing, make sure you “let them go, let them grow” if you do happen to catch a Sturgeon. Only by everyone working together can the sturgeon population recover from this historic low.

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