Top 5 Reasons Why White Sturgeon is the Best Sport Fish in the World

October 24th, 2021 | in Fishing Trips
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Growing up on Vancouver Island, I have had the opportunity to fish all my life.  Mainly fishing for trout and salmon but also had opportunities to fish for cod, bass, pike, grayling, char, and many other species found throughout Canada.  I’ll admit, I haven’t been travelling around the world on fishing expeditions, but being in beautiful British Columbia, I’ve been spoiled.

About 20 years ago, I was introduced to White Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River, just outside of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I remember that day very well. I was hooked.  Having been fishing for sturgeon many times since, I feel it could be the best sport fishing experience out there.  I’ve given my top 5 reasons below why I feel this way.


Reason #5 – You don’t get blown off the water

Fishing for White Sturgeon is done on the river.  While the wind may pick up during the day, the water does not get rougher, the waves don’t force you end your day early, or not get out at all.  So when you book a day of sturgeon fishing, you won’t get stuck at the dock.


Reason #4 – Sturgeon fishing is social

When you go sturgeon fishing with a guide, there are up to 4 of you on a boat.  It’s comfortable.  It’s 8 hours of hanging out chatting / getting caught up / discussing philosophies & politics.  Or just debating sports, bitcoin and the best local breweries.


Reason #3 – Sturgeon Fishing is Relaxing

Admit it, being in the middle of nature it great.  Eagles soaring overhead, staring up at amazing mountains like Cheam is great.  Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River is most often done while anchored and fishing on the bottom.  It’s a watch and wait type fishing. Of course the better your guide, the less relaxing it is.  But you can’t beat the sitting back, enjoying the sunshine between pulling in monster fish.


Reason #2 – White Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River is sustainable

White Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River is strictly catch & release, and has been now for a few decades.  Especially if you go with a knowledgeable guide, you shouldn’t have to worry about the fish dying.  Think of it as a wrestling match with an admirable adversary, followed by going your separate ways.


Reason #1 – You can catch monster fish, often multiple 100+ pound fish in a day

My top reason for why fishing for White Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River is that there is no other larger fresh water sport fish in the world.  And with a half-decent guide, you have a good chance to catch multiple 6+ ft / 100+ pound fish, in the same day.  Where else can you get that???  Any salt water fish where you can get that consistently?


Sure, there are many types of fish in the world that are fantastic fish to catch.  (eg see Best Sportfish to Catch in the World. But if you are booking a trip, want consistent water conditions, are looking at catching a fish bigger than yourself and in one of the best places in the world to visit, then maybe White Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River is for you!

~ Willy Grieve


Yves Bisson has been guiding exclusively for White Sturgeon on the Fraser River since the early 90’s.  His gear and experience is second to none.  Looking for a reliable quality fishing experience, please contact Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co

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