Sturgeon Fishing - A Great Day Activity for BC Residents

March 24th, 2021 | in Fishing Trips
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While BC is home to many spectacular outdoor activities, one of the most overlooked trip ideas may be sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. Fishing for sturgeon is a storied part of the province's history, and even to this day provides family-friendly entertainment to those who try it. 

For those that like to fish but have never tried sturgeon fishing, there is no better experience. Catching a sturgeon in the Fraser River is the pinnacle of fishing and will present a challenge to even the most skilled fishermen. Sturgeon can be caught year-round, so it can be a great day activity for BC residents at any point in the year. 

Take Your Fishing Game to a New Level

Sturgeon fishing is one of the most exhilarating forms of fishing and it can be done safely in our backyard. The Fraser River is so famous for sturgeon fishing that people flock from all corners of the earth for the chance to catch a sturgeon.

The reason being is that these are the largest freshwater game fish in the world. As a result of strict protection regulations, these fish can grow to unbelievable sizes. Some of the sturgeon caught in the Fraser over the years have been over twelve feet long and weigh over one thousand pounds! Catching one of these is a true fishing achievement.

Experience the Beauty of our Land

There is a raw and serene feeling that many of our customers experience when on our fishing boats. Whether it is the calm waves, the gorgeous scenery, or the smell of the fresh air, being out on the Fraser River is an experience that is unique to BC.

As you cruise on the river you will see a wide array of wildlife. This may include bald eagles, spawning salmon, deer and even occasional bears.  The peaceful atmosphere allows you to fully immerse yourself in the bountiful lands that we call BC.

Contribute to the Sustainability of Sturgeon Fishing

For those unaware, this incredible fish was once fished to near extinction, but thanks to a conscious effort through catch and release protocols, the population is as booming as ever.

During a fishing trip with Yves Bisson, each person will be directly involved with data collection on each individual sturgeon. This process involves scanning them, taking measurements, and tagging if necessary. Yves Bisson has been responsible for scanning and collecting data on more than 18,000 fish over the last 17 years, and this process has been vital for analyzing the sturgeon population along the Fraser River. With your help, we can keep providing a wonderful activity for all BC residents to enjoy.

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