Spring Sturgeon Fishing On The Fraser

April 13th, 2020 | in Fish Facts
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Spring Sturgeon Fishing On The Fraser River

Ahhh… Springtime fishing. When the rain slows and the warmth of the sun starts to heat up the day.  You are itching to get back out on the water in fairer weather after laying low through the winter months. 

The best sturgeon fishing in the world is on the Fraser River, just outside Vancouver Canada.  This is not opinion, it is a fact.  Nowhere else comes close in size and numbers of White Sturgeon anywhere.


How is Vancouver Sturgeon Fishing Different In The Spring?

As you may know, it rarely freezes in Vancouver.  Sturgeon fishing is great all year.  In fact, there doesn’t really seem to be much of a different between seasons (See Can You Catch Sturgeon In Winter for a table showing the size & # fish caught comparisons by season.


Sturgeon Activity

However, there is a difference in the sturgeon you catch in the spring.  The difference can be summed up in 1 word – Eulachon.  The Eulachon (aka Candle fish) is a small fish resembling a herring that the Vancouver White Sturgeon absolutely love.  In mid to late spring the Eulachon leave the salt water and spawn in the lower Fraser River.  When this happens, the sturgeon wake up and it’s a non-stop party. During this period, the sturgeon are extremely active / lively / full of energy.  You see some of the best jumps and the greatest fights in spring during the Eulachon runs.  Keep your cameras ready! 


Fraser River in the Spring

With the ice melt comes faster water and higher water levels.  The silt changes the colour of the river – the extent depending on temperatures and rainfall up the valleys into the mountains.

There is some movement of the sturgeon throughout the Fraser River, but the fishing spots don’t really change.  The bait may change and the “hot spots” may change based on the type of bait though.  There will be a few more boats on the river as well. A good fishing guide will know the great fishing spots, the right bait and the right times of the year. 


So if you are looking to get back onto the water and fish for monster White Sturgeon, spring is a great time.  And think about using a guide.


Yves Bisson is a Vancouver sturgeon fishing guide on the Fraser River with over 15 years of experience.  During this time, Yves has tagged more sturgeon for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society than any other angler.  If you book with Yves, you fish with Yves.


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