Fishing For Sturgeon in the Summer

June 15th, 2020 | in Fish Facts
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You can catch White Sturgeon in the Fraser River any time of year.  The size and number of fish you can catch aren’t really affected by season.  More sturgeon are caught in the summer and the fall months – but that’s because more people are fishing during that time of the year.


Keys to Fishing Sturgeon In The Summer

If you are using a guide to fish for sturgeon, he or she should know the following:

1) What Bait To Use  

The bait should match what the fish are eating.

Sturgeon change they're eating based on the food sources in the river. From spring to summer, water temperatures are slowly warming up.  This results in new forms of food and bait for sturgeon to choose from.  

2) Where To Fish

The best fishing isn’t always in the same spot.  While there are general hot spots, the change of season will determine where you want to drop a line.  Experienced guides are used to fishing in all different water levels and know how to adapt based on river height and water temperatures.

If you haven't seen it already, watch the following:

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Why Fish For Sturgeon In The Summer?


1) The Weather

Number 1 reason to fish for sturgeon in the summer is that the weather is great.  Vancouver doesn’t get unbearably hot in the summer and with a slight breeze coming down the valley, it’s a very pleasant way to spend a day. Vancouver also sees much less rain in the summer, so you can work on your tan while reeling in some monster fish.


2) Acrobatic Jumps!

Fishing in summer months produces some of the most epic fights and jumps you can experience.  We have had some sturgeon jump up to 10 times during a fight…  If you are able to capture this on your camera or phone these jumps can provide memories that will last a lifetime.


Fishing For Vancouver Sturgeon is great year-round.  But if you like a little more warmth and a better chance of sunshine, with acrobatic fish that can jump clear out of the water, then summer is the season for you.  If you are looking for an experienced sturgeon fishing guide, you should book well in advance.  Prime time charters book up fast.

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