Fall Sturgeon Fishing On The Fraser River

October 20th, 2019 | in Fish Facts
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Fishing for Sturgeon on the Fraser River in the fall is great!  Thanks to a catch & release program and careful management, White Sturgeon found in the Fraser River are the largest in the world.   In fact, they are the largest fresh water sport fish anywhere.  Many sturgeon guides feel that Fall is the best season for Sturgeon fishing in Vancouver.  This isn’t true in other areas of the world, where White Sturgeon are smaller and the weather limits when the sturgeon can be fished.

Fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon in early Fall (September / October)

Early Fall Sturgeon Fishing is fantastic, especially when the salmon are travelling up the river to spawn.  It combines active sturgeon, lots of food in the water, and a bit cooler weather.  As fall progresses, you have probably the perfect temperatures to fish – where you can work a bit at hauling in a big Sturgeon without overheating from the warmer temperatures.  You won’t be working on your tan as much, but you are fishing, not resting on a beach.

Fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon in Late Fall (November / December)

The leaves are off the trees, the river is quiet of boats and yahoo summertime fishermen.  Great!  More fish for you.

Sturgeon don’t stop eating. However, what they eat changes.  In late fall, the salmon have all spawned out, and the sturgeon have to work a bit harder to scavenge for their food.  Besides some residual rotting salmon, Sturgeon will eat lots of salmon eggs and other various foods all winter long.  A good guide knows what the fish are eating and adapts the bait presentation to match.  Winters in Vancouver are unlike the rest of Canada.  The Fraser River doesn’t freeze up and remains fishable all year long.  It does rain in Vancouver, however.  So, if you are planning on a fishing trip in the late fall, dress warm and in layers with a good waterproof outer layer - in case the weather doesn’t live up to your expectations.  Most Sturgeon Fishing guides are well equipped for the rain and the cooler temperatures. Yves Bisson has a covered cabin with a great portable heater.  You stay dry & warm on Yves’ boat – until you are fighting a monster fish. 

So, fishing for Sturgeon in the fall is great.  But in Vancouver, fishing for sturgeon is great any time of the year.  You need a guide who can take you to the fish, knows what the fish are eating, and ideally, you have a covered cabin to keep you warm & dry.

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