Best Sportsfish To Catch In The World

August 19th, 2021 | in Fishing Trips
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Best Sportfish to Catch in the World

What sport fish tops your bucket list?


What’s your bucket list fish? Fill out our survey. 

Are you an avid fisherman?  Are you looking for a fishing adventure?  Not afraid of a little travel?  Well, we’ve put together a list of fish you have to experience.

These aren’t any ordinary sport fish. These fish are monsters.  These fish earn their reputation as a sport fish.  Don’t think fishing can be a sport?  Try winding in one of these finned beasts and you’ll change your mind.

We’ve got the list below, with a little bit of info on each fish.  Take your pick.  Fill out our survey. 

Comment on Instagram as to what fish is highest on your list.  (www.instagram.com/yvesbissonsturgeonco).  We’ll report the findings in a separate upcoming article.


White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon is the largest freshwater sport fish in the world. If you are fishing the Fraser River near Vancouver Canada, you can’t get any bigger.  If you have a great guide, there’s a good chance of hooking into a 7 to 11 footer.  Some may say they aren’t great fighters, but have a look at Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co Instagram page.  Imagine a 9 foot fish jumping clear of the water 30 yards from the boat!


Blue Marlin

This legendary fish can grow to be 2000 pounds. Caught in warmer ocean waters such as Hawaii, Australia and throughout the islands of Central America, the blue marlin fights often take 45 minutes or more of hard work to land this trophy fish



Planning to visit the Florida Keys?  The tarpon can reach lengths of 8 feet and up to about 250 pounds, but I possibly one of the hardest fish to fight.  Possibly pound for pound the most powerful fish on the planet, this super aggressive fish is a challenge to keep on the hook.


Yellowfin / Bluefin Tuna

Tuna fishing has been a favourite among US east coast fishermen for years.  Yellowfin tuna may be more plentiful than their larger cousin, the bluefin tuna.  A thousand pound 10 foot blue fin tuna can take hours of fighting to land.  These monster fish take long runs and if you don’t know what you are doing, good luck landing one.



The swordfish can grow up to 1000 pounds, but is typically between 50 & 200 pounds. This iconic fish is most often fished in the gulf stream of the western north Atlantic, from Florida to Newfoundland.  Another tenacious fighter, this fish is likely to make for a fishing trip an angler won’t forget 


To catch an arapaima means a bit more of an adventure.  This fresh water monster fish is mostly found in the Amazon river in South America.  Be prepared to fish like a local – no million dollar air-conditioned yacht.  The arapaima can reach up to 10 feet & 400 pounds of solid muscle, although 200 pounds are much more common. 



Catfish are all over the world.  They are durable and prolific feeders and do well in many fresh water aquatic environments.  There are many ways to catch a catfish.  Really want an adventure?  Try noodling!  Want to catch a monster catfish the more traditional way?  Find a good guide and travel to China to fish for the Giant Mekong catfish.



If this is your thing, shark fishing can be very exciting.  There is a reason sharks have the scary reputation they do.  Whether it be smaller sharks, or all the way up to hammerheads, bull sharks or great whites, there is a level of excitement for every angler.  Know your laws before even considering what and how you fish for sharks. 



Perhaps the most iconic sport fish on the planet, every angler can’t stop to look at a sailfish on the wall of a fishing store, or a lucky angler’s home.  While only reaching 10 ft / 200 lbs, a sailfish still puts up an epic battle, and can swim over 60 mile per hour!  They are found primarily in the Atlantic and indo-pacific oceans. If you hook a sailfish, be prepared for a long and tiring fight.


What’s your bucket list fish? Fill out our survey. 

Check out Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co on Instagram to see why we feel the Fraser River White Sturgeon should be one of your top choices.


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