8 Crazy Questions I've Been Asked While Sturgeon Guiding

April 30th, 2021 | in Fish Facts
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8 Crazy Questions I’ve Been Asked While Sturgeon Guiding

As a Sturgeon Fishing Guide on the Fraser River, I get to meet all sorts of people.  I've had endless hours of great, intelligent conversations over the past 19 years or so.  However, sometimes conversations go in interesting directions and weird & wacky questions get asked.  The following is a list of some of the stranger questions I’ve been asked while fishing on the river along with my answers.


Has a sturgeon ever eaten a human?

Haven’t heard of it, but you never know…. they are bottom feeders right???


Do sturgeon attack humans?

They definitely can attack other fish and I guess a human is not out of the question. I’ve spent a lot of time in the water with them and thankfully never been attacked… YET!!!


What is some of the craziest bait you’ve used?

I’ve tried it all of course but craziest would be: Jujubes, hotdogs with ketchup, tree bark, snakes, and of course marshmallows,   Didn’t catch anything on this stuff but had one bite on the hotdog!


Has anyone ever been pulled overboard while fighting a sturgeon?

Not yet, but close for sure and when the drag is tight and the fish is big you better be careful...


Have you ever lost a sturgeon rod, while fishing?

Unfourntunaly yes, after setting the hook the rod flew out of a client’s hand and he actually tried jumping in the river to grab it.  I was seriously scared and grabbed him last second and held on and pulled him back in the boat.  We lost the rod but he was safe.


Have ever got stuck on the sand bar?

I’d like to say no, but yes I have (never fun when you are the professional guide)… Water levels are always changing and new gravel and sand bars can appear out of nowhere.  This is why the Fraser River can be really tough to navigate and why an experienced guide & jet boat is important.


Where is that plane flying to?

I don’t know.


Have you ever cut the line when the fish was too big?

No I haven’t, no matter how big the fish, we bring the fish in and take the hook out.  I have had people freak out though when they see a giant sturgeon for the first time and jokingly say “cut the line!” At least I think they were joking???


So as you have read, I’ve been asked a few “interesting” questions.  There are certainly others that I can’t put on paper, but if you come out for a Sturgeon Fishing Trip with me on the Fraser River, we can talk some more!

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