A Fraser River Anchor System typically consists of the following

  • Rocker Style Anchor, 20 – 40 lbs. Also known as a Rocking Chair Anchor, Columbia River Anchor or River Rocker Anchor.






  • 3 – 6’ of Chain, or more, typically 5/16” – 3/8”. This can aid the anchor to lay down or add more weight to your anchor.

Anchoring chain for river anchoring






  • 300’ of 3/8” Solid Braid Nylon Rope. The amount of rope used depends on the current speed and water depth and other factors. The general recommendation is to use approximately 7 times the water depth. Example: 10’ of water = 70’ of rope, but again, it depends on many factors including the loaded weight of your boat, current speed, etc.
    Solid braid nylon rope for anchoring in rivers





  • Rope or Rode Bag, very handy to stow your rope when not in use, as well as having the ability to deploy some of your rope and tie off the rest of your rope, with the ability to attach a small buoy and throw the bag over while chasing your fish.

Anchor Rope-Rode Bag for stowing your anchor rode









  • Buoy Ball, size needed will vary depending on anchor and rode under the buoy ball itself. With a typical 25 - 40 pound anchor, an A-2 buoy ball will work, it will float about 75 pounds of anchor and rode.
    Anchor puller and buoy ball to anchor in the river








  • Anchor Puller, attached to the Buoy Ball.






  • Anchor Nest mounted to the bow of the boat, often called an Anchor-CaddieBow Anchor Holder, Bow Roller, Anchor Locker, or any other device used to keep your Anchor secured on the bow of your boat.






  • A Cleat to secure your rope while on Anchor

Cleat or tying off anchor rope to your boat








The above is just an example of a typical River Anchor System, but can and will vary depending on river conditions, type of boat and personal preference, but these are the basics.

The Fraser River Anchor System is not only designed for the Fraser River, but can be used anywhere where you are subject to consistent water-currents.

Other places to use the Fraser River Anchor System would be:
 Tennessee River
 Mississippi River
 Snake River in Idaho fishing for Salmon or Sturgeon
 Columbia River in the United States
 Sturgeon Fishing in Europe
 And any of the other countless rivers on the planet


Watch the video below for a basic anchoring, how to video.


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