Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing

Fraser River Sturgeon and Anchoring Information

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Fishing for Fraser River Sturgeon can be an exciting and exhausting adventure. These fish fight hard and can offer a thrilling adventure. The list below is a general outline of the things you’ll need to properly anchor on the Fraser River.

A Fraser River Anchor System typically consists of the following:

    • Rocker Style Anchor, Typically these anchors, also known as Fraser River Anchor or Rocking Chair Anchors, are the most popular choice among fisherman for their boats. They offer a diverse use of applications and conditions.

    • 3′ to 6′ feet of Chain, or more. Coated chain is a great option and protects the bow of your boat during both dropping and pulling anchor. Usually 5/16” – 3/8” thickness is best.

    • 300’ of 3/8” Solid Braid Nylon Rope. Rope plays a huge role in your anchoring system. Keeping your rope dry while not in use will extend the life of your rope and insure proper strength while on the river. Rope can tend to wear out over time so make sure to constantly check the condition of your rope and replace if necessary. The general recommendation is to use approximately 7 times the water depth. Example: 10’ of water = 70’ of rope, but again, it depends on many factors including the loaded weight of your boat, current speed, etc.

    • Buoy Ball, A Buoy Ball is a no brainer while fishing. To insure proper safety be sure to use one always as it’s required and helps other boats know that you have an anchor in the water. Also a buoy ball plays a huge role in the retrieval of your anchor when it comes time to pull anchor.

    • Anchor Puller. An anchor puller will save you a ton of work. Without it you might not even be able to retrieve your anchor while Fraser River Sturgeon fishing. The anchor puller allows you to use the power of your boat motor to pull the anchor off the riverbed rather than using your arms which can be a very tiring process.

    • Anchor Nest, or Anchor-Caddie as they’re also known keeps your anchor secure while trailering and boating. Your Anchor Nest is without a doubt the most important piece in your anchoring setup. With the Anchor-Caddie hard mounted to the bow of your boat you are insuring easier releasing and retrieving of your anchor also while insuring your safety. Mounted properly the Anchor-Caddie will hang off the front of your bow a bit to allow safe retrieval and keep your anchor off the side of your boat, therefore protecting your paint or bare aluminum from dings and chips. The front mounted rollers also make it very easy to retrieve your anchor.

    • A Cleat. Cleats come in different styles depending on your needs. The Clam Cleat is probably the most popular option and allows for a one handed operation perfect for the lone fisherman.

Many things can determine a “proper” River Anchor System. The list above gives you all the things that you might need. Keep in mind the size of your boat, water conditions, and your experience will determine the best fit for you.

The Fraser River Anchor System is not just for the Fraser River, but can also be used in rivers with a constant or strong current where anchoring is preferred.

Other places to use the Fraser River Anchor System would be:

  • Columbia River
  • Mississippi River
  • Sturgeon Fishing in Europe
  • Tennessee River
  • And any of the other countless rivers on the planet

View the video for basic “How To Use” the anchoring system